Monday, July 21, 2014

Harpoon Point to Point on the Horizon

The ups and downs of this summer have not deterred me from the charity rides I'm committed to this year, and so training continues, and coach Shayne hasn't given up on me yet. (That I know of.)

Next on my calendar is the Harpoon Point to Point, which has become a semi-family affair. (Rich has joined me for a few of the rides, and I've always enjoyed that.) This year, my intent was to ride the 100 mile mountainous century, (elevation profile can been seen here), and that's what I registered for -- although reality tells me that I may only be ready for the 50. (Still a challenging ride.) We'll see. I could try to hammer out the 100 in three weeks, (those climbs look a little scary right now...), or convince Rich or Pete to join me on the 50 mile ride. (Love those boys.) Either way, it's all for the Vermont Foodbank, and I'll be ready to ride on August 9th.