Undefeated/EOD Ride


The UNDEFEATED EOD RIDE is a 2 day, 200 mile ride supporting our Wounded EOD Warriors and their families. All proceeds from the ride benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation, (http://www.woundedeodwarrior.org), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping EOD technicians and their families overcome the challenges they face after an injury or loss.

EOD techs are engaged in one of the most dangerous jobs in our military, working across all service branches -- Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army. As bomb disposal experts, their job ensures the protection of fellow service members from unexploded ordnance -- a critical mission in war zones where insurgents use IEDs as a weapon of choice. Due to the dangerous nature of their job, EOD specialists experience one of the highest percentage rates of injury.

The EOD Warrior Foundation provides essential financial and emotional support to our wounded service members and their families -- fulfilling needs that go beyond the constraints of our Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Jim W. and Tim B. on the California Coast, Oct. 2013

TBD (October)

San Diego, California

2 days, 200 miles, LA to San Diego

Initially, I was challenged to ride -- and I don't often back down from a challenge. From the moment I arrived in San Diego in 2013 for my first EOD ride, it became personal. The people I met and the friends I made are amazing, courageous, and generous. They touched my heart in so many ways.

There are few people who deserve our support more than the men and women who serve our nation, and I'm grateful for their commitment and sacrifice. This ride is an opportunity for me to collectively show our gratitude by doing something I do well -- gathering support through family and friends to ride and raise money for our wounded EOD techs and their families.

Thank you for your support!

When my friend Matt asked me to ride, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I casually said, "sure". I put it out of my head while concentrating on getting back on the bike after a bad crash... but kept coming back to the idea after my recovery. As my event schedule came together several months later, I thought of my promise to Matt, and got in touch with one of the organizers, LCDR Kevin Childre. He promptly welcomed me to ride and that was all I needed.

After the hits I took a few years ago with a crappy hematocrit and the struggles I've had to overcome that, topped with the crash and concussion that wiped me out, I needed something to shake things up. When I looked further into the ride, I saw a fundraising need I couldn't ignore, and knew it would keep me focused on something meaningful while getting back on track.

This isn't just a physical challenge... it's a fundraising mission. For me it involves stepping up and moving beyond my comfort zone in asking for support on behalf of our wounded service members and their families.

Love those hills. We've got this.

It's not easy keeping my training going through the winter months. It's really tough. Our cycling season is short here on the East Coast, and I know I can't start my training from ground zero in April, expecting to keep up with folks who ride year-round. So I ride through the winter -- outside when I can -- in sub-freezing temps. (Yes, I do.)

It seems like every winter has been worse than the previous one. If we're not being pounded with snow, we're stuck in a bitter polar vortex. It takes a lot of effort and motivation to keep a training program going through a long Boston winter.

I have a terrific group of trainers behind me throughout the season; Christine Hopkins and Keli Howe cover the muscles and core, while coach Shayne Gaffney drills me on the bike. And I have great teammates to train with all season, including amazing support from Vanderkitten. My back is covered.

The Fab Five. Tim, me, Schreck, Julia and Jim.
Best. People. Ever.

I'm focused on raising as much money as possible for the EOD Warrior Foundation. My goal is to raise $5,000 -- but you know I really want to raise more than that. The EOD Ride isn't as well known locally as the PMC, Tour de Cure, or Best Buddies Ride. I ride several charity rides throughout the season... but this one is close to my heart and I hope my friends, family, and community will get behind me on this and show our wounded service members their support.

I realize I push the limits on my fundraising requests. Really, I do. I hope you know how grateful I am for your generosity.

Please remember that no donation is too small. It might just be a $20 bill you can spare. Coffee money. Skip that trip to Dunks and come ride with me. I'll make you your coffee. (No, seriously! Come ride with me!)

I'll even make you muffins.

Undefeated EOD Ride, Day One

As soon as I register, I will let you know, and include the fundraising link. 

Thank you, always, for your support.


Undefeated EOD Ride, Day 2

Tim and I take a break, Day 2

Not far from the finish. GREAT TEAM. Shane, Brad, Me,
Tim, a friend of Jim's, Jim, Jason, Morgan, Julia,
and Schreck (behind the flag.) Just awesome.
Thank you for your support!

Several images above © Robert Binder 

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