Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Summer Days Come to a Close

Had to break out a jacket today!

I'm always sad to see summer come to an end. Sunshine and warm days, gardening chores and fresh veggies, walks to the beach, and trail rides to town... this has been an easy, breezy summer.

Mini harvest after the summer drought

The drought that hit New England this summer, hitting especially hard in Eastern Massachusetts, was particularly hard on my vegetable haul this year. Garlic did great, and my potato haul was an improvement from last year, but the tomatoes and peppers, and pretty much everything else, were weak. I still have some fall veggies coming in, so we'll see if carrots and brussels come through.

I've been riding and getting in regular workouts during the week -- and my nutrition is on track -- so I'm finishing this non-event summer on a high note. I feel 100% better than I did last year, (and the year before), at this time. Hopefully I can ride this wave of momentum through the winter, and start participating in some events and races next Spring/Summer. That's the plan, anyway.

Mike and I are still C25K-ing. It's been slow and steady. Run dates are fun dates.

Coffeeneuring 2022 is coming up in a few weeks! Hahaha... gotta love these social challenges.

Coffeeneuring practice ride. Plus Cafe