Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Hot, Hot, August

40 feet above the forest floor. Trail hike and
canopy walk with Will in Quechee, Vermont

The summer went crazy fast -- wow, September already?! I had a fitness goal this summer that I'm thisclose to reaching, which makes me happy. It feels good to be back on track after what has essentially been three summers of pandemic stress. For the most part, our daily lives have returned to normal, but a wave of Covid in our house in mid July (that befell our extended house guests, but not us), was a reminder that the virus has not got away. 

Garlic success! 

Summer 2022 will be remembered for the HEAT and DROUGHT. My gardens, which started off well in May, have been decimated by lack of rain. The garlic planted last November, harvested in July, was a great success. Tomatoes have been fair, and green beans prolific, but everything else... peas, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, peppers, brussels, broccoli... struggled this summer. There's still hope for the carrots and potatoes.

Mike and I are lacing up our running shoes once again and have resumed our weekly C25K run dates. I've gone back to wearing ASICS Gel Cumulus, which has a slightly wider toe box to accommodate my malformed foot than the Hoka Clifton. (My foot never really healed right after the fracture in 2020.) It feels good to be running again and I'm looking to add an event to the calendar, maybe a turkey trot or Halloween 5k. Ashley just posted a run in New Hampshire that might fit the bill.

The girls are moving along with their IM training with a little more than one month to go. I haven't spent a lot of time with them -- or on the bike recently -- but I'm heading out on the bike today. September is the best.

Farewell August