Saturday, October 15, 2022

Coffeeneuring is back!


Well I'm closing out the training-season-that-never-clicked with the world famous Coffeeneuring Challenge, 2022 Edition. I was quite content today packing up a thermos of coffee and heading out to Lynn Woods while cycling friends (and a couple former VK teammates) rode the King Challenge up north, or made final preparations for next weekend's Ironman triathlon in Sacramento. I had a pretty chill afternoon.

 Coffeeneuring Ride 1: Coffee shop without walls

The pond has all but disappeared 

It was my first ride at Lynn Woods Reservation since underground root fires in August closed the park. The drought that hit Massachusetts this year has left Breeds Pond Reservoir practically bone dry. So sad. The foliage is really beautiful at this time of year, but the woods were predominantly green as there's really a lot of pine at LWR. 

Fall colors

I got a late start to this year's Coffeeneuring challenge, as travel and weather delayed my kickoff ride, but better late than never! Today I enjoyed an iced coffee and slice of zucchini bread by (what used to be) the reservoir. It was a picture-perfect day for a ride!