Monday, April 25, 2022

Thirty Days of Biking: Riding Local

Day 23: Errands in town. A stop at Arbor MHD
Saturday, April 23rd, was an errands day. I rode the trail into Marblehead to pick up some inner tubes for the road bike at Marblehead Cycle, met Will for lunch at Minos, and stopped at a garden shop where we found a fun little fish statue for my garden. Will drove and parked his car nearby, so brought my backpack of my purchases home. Yay.

Heading back down the trail, I stopped and took a photo of the 2 large construction/drainage tubes that have been on the side of the trail since (at least) 2014, now overgrown with vines. I smile every time I see them, remembering the time Caro V-G attempted to bike through them on her cross bike. So funny. Forever remembered as Caro's tunnel.

Caro's tunnel

Day 24: Sunrise coffee date
We had an early rise and shine on April 24. I googled "Salem sunrise" to get the time and convinced Mike to join me at the beach for a coffee ride. (He chose to walk down and meet me instead.) I biked down to the beach ahead of him to set up our coffee, missing the sunrise by ten minutes. We enjoyed our coffee by the beach and watched the sun rise and slip behind the clouds, becoming a mostly gray day. How lucky that we caught the sun! (I later checked my phone and saw that googling "Salem sunrise" actually brings up the time for Salem, Oregon. Seriously, Google? Salem, Massachusetts supersedes Oregon.) 

On Monday, I headed over the bridge for coffee at Atomic Cafe, with a stop by Artists Row in Salem on the way home. Sadly, most of the small artist shops are closed for the season, although I noted  that Beverly Bees is open Thursday-Sunday this Spring. I'll have to go back soon. I'm heading out of town for a few days, (for the annual trek to Ann Arbor, with bikes in tow), so it was good to get in a decent ride before the long drive. Next up: Roadtrip.

Day 25: Coffee Ride, mural in Beverly
Atomic Cafe, iced coffee and pizelle

Artists Row, Salem