Sunday, November 28, 2021

Coffeeneuring Ride 7, Finishing up before the snow

Gourmet Hot Cocoa at Java Sun (personal mug)

Coming to the end of the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and looking ahead at the forecast over the next few days, I decided to bundle up and head out today, despite the chilly gray day. I rode the rail trail from home into downtown Marblehead and did a little Christmas shopping, (picked out and ordered a few paint-your-own pottery pieces from Hestia for Kate's kids to paint at home and then return to Hestia for firing), and then headed to the coffee shop for my final coffeeneur coffee -- which was actually cocoa.

I had my own mug with me in my backpack, planning to take my coffee-to-go and head to the waterfront, but took advantage of a (rare) free table at Java Sun Coffee Roasters to sit down, relax, and warm up before the trek home. I stopped by the harbor -- empty except for a few diehard fishing boats and some day sailers sailing in circles near one of the yacht clubs -- and then headed home.

It was a great finish to Coffeeneuring 2021. I didn't squeeze in a C+1 ride -- and like every year, I took it down to the very end, this year finishing with two days to spare -- but I'm content. 

Snow tomorrow...

Shop local.
How fun are these gurgling cods?