Sunday, November 28, 2021

Coffeeneuring 2021, Control Card

Ride Number: 1
Date: 10/18/21
Mileage (total): 20
Location Name: Dunkin'
Address: 40 Beach Street, Harbor Point, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Drink: Iced coffee (with a spider donut)
Bike: Trek Domane road bike
Ride note: Nothing is open on Mondays in Manchester.

Ride Number: 2
Date: 10/24/21
Mileage (total): 8
Location Name: Plus Café
Address: 34 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead
Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte (and oatmeal cookie)
Bike: Kona Kahuna MTB
Ride note: Rail trail through town and to Riverhead Beach. Glorious day.

Ride Number: 3
Date: 10/30/21 Happy Halloween
Mileage (total): 6
Location Name: Goldthwait Reservation
Address: Marblehead
Drink: Spiced chai tea, butterfly crackers, peach artisan jam
Bike: Kona Kahuna MTB and GT Aggressor
Ride Note: Will joined in, beautiful day for a tea-in-the-wild!

Ride Number: 4
Date: 11/7/21
Mileage (total): 18
Location Name: Gulu Gulu Cafe
Address: 247 Essex St, Salem
Drink: Creme Brûlée Latte and grilled banana bread
Bike: Trek Domane
Ride note: Still many tourists in Salem, but not too bad. Beautiful day. Surprised to see the water breaching the walkway and some coastal erosion down by the wharf. As much as I've loved the weather lately, climate change and rising sea levels are alarming.

Ride Number: 5
Date: 11/10/21
Mileage (total): 14
Location Name: Bagel Bin Deli
Address: 30 Main St, Topsfield
Drink: Iced coffee with milk, no snack
Bike: Kona Kahuna MTB
Ride note: Danvers rail trail to Topsfield and a ride along the Great Wenham Canal. 70 degrees in November!

Ride Number: 6
Date: 11/18/21
Mileage (total): 21
Location Name: Jaho Coffee and Tea
Address: 197 Derby Street, Salem
Drink: Iced coffee (with small biscotti) $11. Not kidding.
Bike: Trek Domane
Ride note: Near 70 degree day! Great time exploring some of the quiet streets and architectural details surrounding the Washington Square-Essex Street-Derby Street area. Stunned to pay $11 for a small cookie and iced coffee at Jaho -- tourist pricing??? I'm not a fan.

Ride Number: 7
Date: 11/28/21
Mileage (total): 10
Location Name: Java Sun Coffee Roasters
Address: 35 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead
Drink: Gourmet Hot Cocoa and 1/4 chocolate croissant, (because I dropped it. Waah.)
Bike: Kona Kahuna MTB
Ride note: Rail trail into town for some Xmas shopping at a few local businesses, and a stop by the harbor. We had a gray day, temps in the mid 30s, but no wind. My last coffeeneuring ride for 2021 and I'm happy I got it done with a few days to spare.

Final Stats
Total Rides: 7
Total Mileage: 95
The Bikes: 1. Kona Kahuna MTB. 2. Trek Domane
Most Common Beverage: Iced Coffee
Total Challenges Completed: 6

(Thank you, Mary G., at, for continuing this (now) traditional social coffee ride challenge! xoxo)