Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Slow September

Nahant Wharf on a summer-like day.
Despite good intentions, I’ve had a slow roll into Fall.  The King Challenge is still on my calendar, now five weeks away, yet I’m still unmotivated to get on the road bike. The same could be said for running, with Grace’s Run, (a fundraiser in honors of  Coach Shayne’s baby daughter), also weighing on me. I’m in a slump.

I’ve been multitasking a few non-athletic endeavors; overseeing carpentry work being done on the house, to be painted this fall; taking possession of my (great) great grandmother’s antique loom, (currently unassembled), and learning how to weave; writing a resume to kick off a job search, (I’d like to start working again!); and taking care of legal responsibilities related to the cottage in Vermont. All have been distracting me from running and/or riding, although none are really a good excuse.

I rode out to Nahant on Monday but it didn’t really shake my current malaise. I think I’m just tired.

First step in my project to restore my grandmother’s loom.
Learning how to weave at Circle of Stitch’s, Salem