Friday, September 27, 2019

New additions to Salem’s Urban Art Museum

A coffee ride through Salem, (any of my rides through Salem, actually), brings me through The Point neighborhood, (El Punto), where an astounding collection of murals grace several dozen buildings. I’ve documented many of them here in the blog over the last three years, and now two of my favorites have been replaced by new art. Both the above photos and below are recent additions to the Deschamp Printing building on Dodge Street. I had an opportunity to meet one of the artists, Juan Travieso, while he was finishing up his painting of blue crabs on the south side of the building. (I think it’s south. My sense of direction my be off.)  I loved, loved the previous two murals on that building, and was sad to see them replaced — though the new murals replacing them are equally exciting. The crabs are just stunning. I look forward to seeing the finished mural soon.

Artist Juan Travieso takes a minute from his work for me to
take his photo. A very talented and gracious artist.