Thursday, August 29, 2019

Summer, summer, summertime

How can the summer be over when it just started?! Chip started school yesterday, (his senior year!), and Will left for Ann Arbor this morning. The time just goes way too fast — the days are getting shorter and the temps are starting to cool... ah well, get cooler, anyway. It’s still hot. 

I’ve been getting in some short road rides and a few trail rides here and there but nothing too heavy. Since Alaska it’s been a lazy summer for me — a few weekends in Vermont, a trip to Montreal, and an occasional ride or run. (My running really took a hit in July).. Soon the weather will change and I’ll be back at it. I have a few 5Ks and a road ride (the King Challenge) on the calendar, so I need to get ready for that. I’m starting to see some of my former athletes returning to Zwift, and should take their lead and get back at it before they notice I’ve been slacking. Even my nutrition took a dive these last eight weeks. Time to rein it in. The dog days of summer are (almost) over.