Friday, February 3, 2017

Sorting things out

UCI Road World Championships, Bergen, Norway

With many opportunities open to me this year, it's been hard to settle on which ride events I can realistically manage -- physically, financially, and in terms of time.

Topping my list is traveling to Norway in September for the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen, Norway. Ohmigosh, I've booked my flights -- It's happening!! (With many thanks to Mike for encouraging me to go and my cousins Nat and Toril for the opportunity.) I'm so thrilled! (Unfortunately it coincides with dear friend Kristen's Half Ironman triathlon in Lake Placid -- I'm sorry to be missing that.) Obviously I won't be riding in the world championships in Bergen, but there will be opportunities for me to ride in Norway while I'm there. I'm excited for that. (The mountains and fjords... oh my.)

Also on my calendar:

  • April: Ride the Sky -- Vanderkitten team training camp weekend in Virginia.
  • May: Tour de Cure (62 mile gravel ride) for the ADA
  • June: NEMBAfest mountain bike weekend at Kingdom Trails, Vermont (with Chip)
  • July: RAGBRAI (Not committed yet.)
  • August: Undecided
  • September: NORWAY
  • October: Undecided

I've scratched Beti Bike Bash off my list this year and have chosen a few smaller mountain bike events closer to home. I'm hoping to make RAGBRAI work but we'll see -- I have a few weeks to figure that out. My calendar isn't full yet but it's nice to finally have a few commitments nailed down, and I'm really excited for the months ahead.

I need to work on my Norwegian.