Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Winter is Flyyyyying

Ride the Sky - Vanderkitten Spring Training Camp 2017

I know I've been slacking with my blog updates lately... it's been a crazy busy winter/off-season and I haven't had many moments to sit down and write. We've had a successful winter at Indoor Ride, and training is going well for all of our athletes. Having acquired my USAC Level 3 Coaching Certification and requisite Safe Sport Training credit, I now have more confidence coaching the workouts I've committed to -- Monday night Mixed Terrain, a dynamic early morning Wednesday Intervals session, a second Mixed Terrain workout Saturday morning and alternate Sunday Time Trial. It's been a lot, but I'm enjoying it, and with the summer approaching fast I anticipate a break at some point.

Added to my busy work schedule, I have my own training, (which I put on the back burner until recently -- spending too much time at the studio already), household chores, family commitments, a 4x weekly run, and squeezing in time with the boys, (Ohmigosh, Will heads to college in four months!)... well, I must admit I haven't been unable to give everything 100%. The house is a wreck and the boys have been cooking their own dinner a lot. (Not that they mind.)

Vanderkitten Spring Training Camp was last week, and despite my overall exhaustion lately, I'm glad I went. (More on camp in a follow-up post.) Aaaaand.... 30 Days of Biking started last weekend!! (Wahoooo!!!!!) Daily blog posts of the month-long challenge (AKA torture-fest) might be difficult this year, but as in the past, rides will be recorded on Strava and Instagram and I'll post here when I can. (I'll also try to remember to post periodically on Facebook as well.)

That's it for now -- hope you're having a great winter -- thanks for checking in!

(VK Spring Training Camp recap posted soon.)