Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tri Inside the Y Update

It's been a busy week with little time to update the blog, so here's a quick rundown on where I stand with the Tri Inside the Y.

Bike: We've had amazing weather for riding -- both on the mountain bike and road bike -- so getting my miles done on the bike has been easy. On Saturday, I took advantage of the 60 degree temps (in December!) to join the Cyclopaths for breakfast at Brother's Taverna in Salem. (Of course I was the only Cyclopath who arrived by bike... but it was good to see everyone.) I'm averaging 45-50 miles a week and projected to finish next Wednesday.

Run: I'm averaging 4.5 miles a week in running, and need to step it up the last two weeks if I'm going to finish on time. Nikki is ahead of me on the run, but we're nearly tied on both the bike and swim/row.

Row: I met Nikki and our mutual friend, Judy Jackson, at the Y last Thursday and finally got started on my rowing! I'm able to knock out 7,000 meters with 45 minutes of rowing... so it's taking me a while to get this done. I haven't had any shoulder issues following the row, so that's been a nice surprise. I have 21,500 meters to go.

Getting it done.