Monday, November 30, 2015

Tri Inside the Y, Let's Do it Again

Oh my... it's that time of year again -- The North Shore YMCA's Tri inside the Y. I was hesitant about jumping in this year -- as it seems like every year that I've participated, I've pushed those final miles and meters up to the last day! -- but today during our P2 workout, (AKA homework), new pal Nikki mentioned the challenge to me and we decided to take it on together! Hahaha!!! OMG, I'm in it again.

This year is going to be tough with the rowing, because believe it or not, I'm still dealing with shoulder issues -- lingering tendonitis that flares up during the day, depending on what I've been doing. So crazy painful. But I've got the icepacks ready to go and I'm hoping it doesn't become an issue. Maybe the rowing will help strengthen those muscles. We'll see. It doesn't hurt to try. (Or maybe it will.)

I signed up at the Y after P2, and already logged in the 19.5 miles I completed on the bike today at P2. Super kudos to Nikki for partnering up with me.

(Hahaha... looking back through my past Tri efforts, this brought a chuckle. I don't think I run any faster today than I did a few years ago. Happy Holiday Week, December 23, 2012.)