Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had spectacular weather this Thanksgiving holiday week with temperatures in the sixties. After P2 on Wednesday, I brought my road bike home, planning to get in a short ride on Thanksgiving morning before Will's football game at ten. (Unfortunately, the Big Blue suffered a crushing loss to Marblehead... and I'm not even going to mention the score.)

It was nice to get in a ride, (even if it was just ten miles), before joining the family for Thanksgiving dinner. Since I got in a short workout early in the day, I didn't feel guilty having a small piece of lemon pie and chocolate cake for dessert. (Cake, because it's niece Hannah's birthday, and how could I not celebrate that?) 

I'm in training, though, with 15 pounds to drop. Another short ride on Friday out to Winter Island and the Willows hopefully took care of my cake indescretion.

Love this mild weather. Sure wish it would continue. Happy Thanksgiving!