Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Football-Free Sunday

The boys set the pace for our run on Sunday

It's been a while, (since late August), that football didn't dominate our weekends. (Chip's season ended last week; Will is on the DL, his last game on Thanksgiving day; and the Patriots didn't have a game on Sunday, playing Monday night instead.) It was a cool, wet afternoon and I tossed between getting out for a muddy trail ride, driving to the gym, or heading out for a run. I had to do something.

Just as I made the decision to go out for a run, Will came to me and asked, "I'm bored. Can you drive us to GameStop?"

Hahaha... ohhhh, Will.

"If you go for a run with me, yes. Otherwise, no."

Guess who had two running partners on Sunday? (Thanks to a GameStop bargaining chip.) Two miles done, (a one mile full run, and a one mile run/walk), and I'm back on track with my running plan after missing a few weeks.

Thanks for running with me, boys! xoxoxo