Sunday, November 1, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride #5, Atomic Cafe

Another Sunday, another football game, and another ride for the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Sometimes it feels like I'm hitting the repeat button.

Chip had a home game today -- his last game of the regular season before the playoffs begin. I followed our typical game-ride routine, (which applies to both Fall football and Spring lacrosse), and dropped him off at the football field an hour before the game while I headed out for my ride -- this time to Atomic Cafe in Marblehead for Coffeeneuring ride #5, (7.5 miles). I was feeling sluggish from the get-go, (a Halloween candy hangover, for sure), and almost desperate for coffee, so the cappucino from Atomic was really a treat. (Excellent coffee.)

There's just a few more weeks left to this coffeeneurring challenge which ends November 14th. I'm hoping the great weather continues!

(PS. Chippy and his teammates suffered a tough loss today, coming down to the final seconds of the game, but the boys in blue had a great season and landed the #2 spot in the playoffs. Great job! Go Blue!)