Monday, October 26, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride #4, Football and Fall

Coffeeneuring Ride #4, loving Fall

With Mike off running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend, I was alone to cover the weekend football game shuffle. Will, (sidelined with an achilles/calf strain), had a memorial service for a coach early Saturday morning, followed by a game a few hours later -- so I had no time for a ride on Saturday but enough time for a quick run. I'm starting to get a little better at this running thing!

Chip had a game on Sunday in Watertown an hour away -- and had to be at the field an hour early -- so I had another looong day of football planned. Not wanting to postpone a coffeeneuring ride until late in the day, I threw my bike in the car to tool around Watertown during the hour pre-game warm-ups.

It was a rainy Sunday morning and I didn't ride far -- just a mile or so from the fields to Ohlin's Bakery in Belmont. (Not far from a Starbucks which may have had better coffee, but I chose to go local and glad I did. The coffee was great!) While at the bakery, I received a text alert letting me know that Mike and Owen finished their marathon, (yaaay guys, so proud!) and a second text from the mom of RAAM sista Ingrid Hillhouse, letting me know that Ingrid had just finished the 383 mile ultra race No Country for Old Men. (The race is organized by our fellow RAAM crewmate (and ultra cycling legend) Dex Tooke). Ingrid was the 4th place overall finisher and the ONLY solo woman to complete NCOM. Amazing.

Quite a day for greatness.

Energized by their accomplishments, I grabbed my coffee from the bakery, bypassing all of the temptations, and headed back to the football field in the rain. I arrived in time to catch the opening drive and later saw Chip make a 25 yard catch at the 15 yard line. OMG, his first reception! Definitely a weekend of aweseomness.

The coffee was good at Ohlin's Bakery, Belmont