Friday, July 31, 2015

Late Summer Update

The summer is cruising along, and while I'm greatly enjoying my adventure rides with Chip, I must admit I miss the discipline of having a training plan in place. This is the first summer in 13 years that I haven't had an event to train for. It's been refreshing, but also a little empty.

My shoulder is doing ok. I have almost full range of motion now, although there are a few spots where my shoulder starts to get tight. I still have some tenderness, (it feels like a constant bruise -- perhaps from the labral tear?), and I still have tendonitis going on, but the crazy pain from the supraspinitus tear is gone.

No surgery and NO MORE PT. Have I mentioned how much I hated my physical therapist? She was awful.

Despite strenghening exercises for my rotator cuff, I find myself weak, weak, weak. I often have to ask one of the boys to open a jar of spaghetti, or carry something heavy, which is annoying. I also find that after a long ride, my shoulders and neck are sore. It's going to take some time to get my strength back.

But, I have a few ride commitments on the calendar --  The Harpoon Point to Point with Chip, (and possibly Rich and Pete), is coming up. The 25 miler up Back Mountain Road, including the Brownsville-Hartland climb, is more than enough for me right now. I'm sure Chip will crush me on the climb, but will burn his brakes on the other side during the descent, so I'll catch him there.

I'm also planning to ride the Krempels King of the Road Challenge with a few of the girls -- Alison, Cate and Kristen -- in October. Brrrrr.... it's going to be chilly in New Hampshire at that time of year!

Before KKotRC, there's still an option to ride for the EOD Warrior Foundation. The UNDEFEATED EOD RIDE is ON this year, and while I would love, love, love to honor Kevin, and join Julia, Christina, Schreck and Tim for another ride in California, there's just no way I can pull off the training between now and then. (Although I understand Schreck just dusted off his bike. Hmmmmm.) Still, while I won't be ready to ride a hardcore 200, I can definitely commit to doing some fundraising for the EODWF and possibly ride a 100 mile virtual ride here at home while the posse is riding in SoCal. (Awwwww, sad. I miss them already!)