Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 20, 30 Days of Biking: Rain, Trails, Mud, Ponds and Ducks

It rained pretty much all day today, and was hard for me to get motivated to ride. When it's cold and raining like this, and I'm hesitant about riding, I always think of Zane Free, the pro mechanic with VKCX who stayed with us last Fall, (now with the BMW pro team). Zane would laugh off the rain and tell me it's a perfect day for riding, and "there's no such thing as bad biking weather." Hahaha...

It's hard to embrace the rain like he does... but I had an errand to run for my sister and could do it by bike, so I grabbed the mountain bike and hit the trails which snake behind her house off West Shore Drive. 

It was a muddy, soaking wet ride through the rain -- but actually kinda fun, too. A "perfect day for riding".