Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 19, 30 Days of Biking: Swampscott/Nahant LAX vs. Marblehead. Go Blue.

Chip had a lacrosse game at 1:00 today, needing to be at the field in Marblehead for pre-game warm-ups an hour early -- so I dropped him off at the field at noon and took off on my bike for a quick errand and spin. I didn't get very far!

While dropping off a bike light for Pete, I ran into my aunt and uncle, so stopped to chat with them for a while. It was fun to see them! After catching up with hugs, I popped down to the harbor and out around Little Harbor to get in a few miles, before hustling back to the lacrosse game in time to see Chip run out onto the field. (Phew! I cut it close!)

It was an exciting game, and the Blue came from behind to beat Marblehead, 4-3. Yaaay Chippy!!