Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vanderkittens land on their feet

Super excited for news coming out of the pro cycling circuit this week. My favorite Aussie, Jono Coulter, is now Director Sportif of the new BMW pro women's team (presented by The Happy Tooth Dental Group. Now doesn't that make you smile?) Waaaaay cooool!! Joining Jono on the team is the sweeeeeetest pro mechanic, Zane Free, who is going to kill the girls with his ridiculous jokes -- the ever fabulous Korina Huizar, (mega smiles), and fellow Vanderkitten pros Liza Rachetto, Miranda Griffiths, Rhae Shaw, and Elle Anderson!! (Forever kittens!!) SOOOOO COOOOOL. Vanderkitten may have put the brakes on the pro road circuit for a bit, but it's good to see many of them land on a new team together, (with Jono and Zane!!)

Also joining the BMW team are former US road champion Robin Farina, (women's cycling goddess), Erica Zaveta, (who I met very briefly in Gloucester), Jessy Ueberlhart, Shoshauna Routley, Megan Rathwell, and Michelle Khare. Twelve women in all. I'm so excited!

Vanderkitten is still on the pro scene in triathlon, mountain biking and cyclocross this year, and supporting the VKVIP squad in a big way. It's been a great start to the new year.