Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coasting Along

Last week was a tough one -- ups and downs -- but I stayed on course with Whole 30 and my workouts. I'm running a few days a week trying to prepare for my 5k in March and managed my first mile without stopping. Baby steps.

Exchanging a few text messages with Ingrid each day really kept me focused last week. I know, without a doubt, that it's the people in my life who keep me positive and happy and feeling loved. I'm truly grateful for that. The sun always shines.

I had two family deaths last week. One was my step-grandfather at 99 years old, who I hadn't seen much in recent years but liked very much. Family will gather at the end of the week to laugh and share stories and celebrate his life. He'd like that. The other death was my mother, which sounds weird to say because I don't consider her a mother -- that distinction belongs to someone else -- but her failure to name the one son, (who didn't step up to protect his sisters from violence and abuse), Power of Attorney, on top of well-intentioned people offering condolences for her death, (really?!?!) -- meant I had to deal with waaay more than I should have last week. Craaaaazy. 

And eh. This is personal stuff... but it's my blog... so there you go. What it comes down to is love and gratitude -- and I felt a lot of that last week, overpowering a flood of painful memories. Mike and the boys kept me sane, my sisters gave me strength through each WTF moment, Ingrid guided me to stay true to my wellness goals, my Vanderkitten girls kept me thinking about the future, and my SpiderOne teammies had me laughing and laughing on Friday night at dinner. I'm really a lucky girl -- I truly am.

Love your kids, love your family, love your friends, be good to the world and everything will be just fine. Life is good.