Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quick ride before the storm

Riding in the snow is harder than it looks! Chippy and I headed out for a trail ride this afternoon -- though he had a difficult time in the snow and slush with his 24" tires. We managed to take the trail into Marblehead for about a mile and a half miles before returning home to exchange a pair of gloves. He asked me as we approached our street, "How many miles have we gone?" I had to take a guess at three. While he got a pair of warmer gloves, I grabbed the Garmin, because he really likes stats. He'll be a Strava addict one day.

We headed back out for Part 2 of our ride, deciding to stay on paved roads for a quick loop down to the beach. It was good to get out before the storm, and it was fun catching up with him. The kiddo talks a lot when we're on the bike -- I love that.