Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blizzard of 2015

Snow Day!!! I'll be riding on the indoor trainer for a few days, as Swampscott was nailed with 30.4 inches of snowwwww. OMG. So much shoveling! I sure miss the days when my dad would have his construction crew come plow us out. Hahaha. Love this pic of Will, dressed like he's ready to go skiing, not shoveling. He takes his blizzard-wear seriously.

I was actually excited to do more mountain biking in the snow, but I'm afraid this kind of snow is waaay too deep. Rebecca texted me a ton of advice on how to approach certain riding conditions, and I need to practice!! Awww that Rebecca. She's the best.

(Haha, that's technically true. Rebecca is the 2012 Masters Cyclocross World Champion and 2014 Masters National Champion. So pro...)

I'm going to practice the "three rules" she sent me while I'm on the trainer this week, (she's an awesome coach), and hopefully hit the trails when some of this snow melts. Loving the MTB.