Friday, May 30, 2014

Tornados, Spiders, Snakes

RAAM crew buddy Dex Tooke posted a photo on Facebook of a black-tailed rattlesnake he came across on his ride yesterday -- which was rare for him, as his route in Texas is diamondback territory. The snake gave me the shivers. Normally, I'd say I'm only afraid of spiders, but that snake was chilling, and I'm hoping we don't encounter many during RAAM. When Joan asked the crew what concerns we may have on the upcoming ride -- or what we aren't looking forward to -- my only concern was tornados. (And of course this video of Nico Valsesia's ride last year, (at 1:32 in the video), played into those concerns.) Eesh. In addition to tornados, I'm adding snakes to my list. Thanks, Dex.