Friday, May 30, 2014

5K Recovery and Trail Rides

The last week has been a busy one, with pre-RAAM preparation and getting the house and boy's schedules worked out. I'll be away for 3 weeks, which is probably the longest I've been away since Will was born. I asked Chip if he was o.k. with me being gone for such a long time, and he said, "I just have one question. What are we going to eat?" Hahahaha... typical Chip.

I haven't been riding much since my 5K run on Monday, (which left me really sore for a few days), but I did do some trail riding last week and this week that I've enjoyed a little bit more than the road lately. (No Garmin, No Rules.) If the weather holds out, I'll try to get a few good rides in before heading out to California next Friday, but time is running out and my head is in another place. And I still need to stock up on Mac and Cheese for Chip.