Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 20: 30 Days of Biking, Team Achilles Freedom

Riding along the Charles River in Boston
Kevin takes the lead, followed by Mike and Tim.

Today I had my best ride of the thirty day challenge. My friend Tim is in town to ride the Boston Marathon with other wounded veterans from Team Achilles Freedom. Today, we went for a pre-marathon warmup ride along the Charles River together. I got directions from Cyclopath marathoner, (and Charlestown resident), Mike Kelleher on how to get from the USS Constitution in Charlestown, (near Tim's hotel), to the biking paths along the Charles. I wasn't confident heading out -- (I was fairly certain I'd get us all lost) -- but Mike gave me perfect directions. Thanks, MK!

We had a chilly morning along the river, but the guys didn't seem to mind. We flew along on a southerly tailwind, with Tim leading the way, skirting past hundreds of runners who were also out getting in a pre-race shakeout. Of course those tailwinds came with a price on the trip back, and the brisk headwind dropped our pace for the return -- only 10 miles roundtrip, but enough miles to make sure the bikes are ready for tomorrow's marathon.

Good luck guys!!