Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19: 30 Days of Biking, NEBC Race Clinic, Week 3

Today's race clinic with NEBC almost didn't happen for me. I arrived at Devens for the ride, and discovered I left my helmet at home! Ugh! I hate it when that happens! (Usually it's my shoes that get left behind.) I hung around for a while to see if anyone had an extra, and before the clinic started, NEBC VP Jessica loaned me hers. (She wasn't riding.) Thank you, Jessica, for saving the day!

We had a small group today, led by Mark, with Kelly and Andrea assisting. On a closed course, we worked on cornering and hills, getting in a good workout in the process. I learned a ton. Everyone is so, so nice and I'm going to be sad next week when the clinic comes to an end.

(I love the photo above of the girls plus Mark's finger. So fun. We asked Mark to take a photo -- and he managed to get in the picture as well. Love it.