Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 18: 30 Days of Biking, Flashlight Ride

Some days get crazy busy and things don't always go as planned -- and today was one of those days. By 8:30 pm, as the day came to an end, I still hadn't managed to get out for a bike ride, and I hated the idea of allowing the day to pass without getting out  -- even if it was just for a mile.

I asked Chip if he'd be interested in going out on a flashlight ride around the neighborhood with me -- (and maybe stopping at the Beach Bluff Market) -- and both boys said, "sure"! We bundled up for the 35 degree temps, pumped up the tire on Chip's old bike (which Will insisted on riding), and off we went! Riding in the pitch dark down to the market was so crazy. The whole idea was completely ridiculous, (adding to the fun), and the boys cracked jokes and laughed the whole way. Will bought ice cream, Chip bought Kit Kats, and I got in a ride -- everyone was happy. In total it was less than a mile, but that's o.k. -- it still counts. What a blast!