Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekend Workout -- P2 Homework

Post-Workout breakfast
Warm applesauce dates & walnuts
Another Saturday session of P2 homework is complete -- my last trainer workout before our mid-point P2 testing on Wednesday. Today's homework club included Alison, Lisa, Jen and myself, (with Shayne getting in his own workout on a bike behind us.) I have no idea what we did -- a bunch of LT and VO2 Max for 8 minutes each -- and then anaerobic intervals (8 of them) for 1 minute each with a 20 seconds rest in between. Ugh. Twenty seconds is not enough rest! I don't think 30 seconds is enough. So not fun.

I left B&S Fitness feeling totally beat, and passed hubby Mike running merrily along with another member of the Wicked Running Club. He looked far too cheerful for someone who was supposed to be working out... but he also looked cute, so he gets a pass. (Way to go, honey!) I beat him home by ten minutes and made myself a bowl of warm applesauce and walnuts and chopped dates for a post-workout breakfast. It's coooold out, and the apples hit the spot.

For the remainder of the weekend, I have Nancy's spin class lined up for tomorrow, and a workout with Keli on Monday night. The big storm predicted earlier in the week is going to miss us by a few hundred miles, and we'll only see a few light flurries here and there. Nothing that should impact us too much. Good weather news!