Saturday, February 8, 2014

Excited for the Olympics

Loud, Proud, and Strong -- Team USA

I'm probably of the one percent of the nation who loves the U.S. Olympic team sweater worn in the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Games. I think it's so totally hipster and cool. Perhaps I looked at the design as a cyclist -- used to boldly designed jerseys sporting a mashup of sponsorship logos and strong graphics. (The sweater had your Olympic rings and the American flag (times 2 or 3 or 4), and of course the obtrusive Polo branding.) It was a virtual kaleidoscope of red, white, and blue, stars and stripes and USA, popping and exploding like fireworks. It's a work of art! I soooo loved it. Friends and critics today are mocking the sweater -- comparing it to an ugly christmas sweater, hahaha -- but I don't see it. I'd totally wear it and thought it was funky and cool. The parade of nations is a bit like a sports-version of the red carpet at the Grammy's. Why be dull? Our athletes worked hard to get to Sochi and came out loud and proud and strong and full of fire. Awesome.

I'm jazzed for the Olympics -- no cycling, of course, but I'm especially excited for Team USA's women's hockey team this year. Many local connections that remind me of the 1980 U.S. Men's team that also hailed a lot of New Englanders. It should be fun to follow. Go USA!