Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wow. It's been a cold one!

After our New Year's Day Frozen 15, New England was hit with winter storm Hercules (and nearly 2 feet of snow), followed by a bitter blast of arctic air. For several days, temperatures plummeted into negative numbers... and the warm air that swept through on Monday, (bringing downpours with it), didn't last long. Today we're back into single digits and high winds. Brrrrrr... So, I'm back on the indoor bikes as I slip into a new workout routine.

Crossfit Mama Leslie Carter and I are working on a Whole 30 Challenge this month, so I'm back on a strict paleo/clean eating regimen. Which is a good thing, since I went totally off the rails at a wedding over the weekend. Cheesecake and Christmas cookies... oh my. (Congratulations, Kathy and Kenny Grant!)