Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update, January Blues

Well, as the folks up at Ragged Mountain put it Saturday, "Mother Nature threw us a curveball." The bitter cold polar current earlier in the week kept my workouts indoors -- but with the promise of mild temps on Saturday, I had my hopes up for a ride. As I drove Will to catch his bus to the mountains, I hit a patch of black ice at the end of our street, and skidded out into the main road -- fortunately deserted at 5:30 a.m.

Thinking of neighbor cyclist Bob Berk's broken ribs and shoulder, (from hitting a similar patch of black ice on a ride several weeks ago), I wasn't sure what kind of day was ahead... cold, mild, dry, icy?... I knew we were having a meltdown, (and a possible refreeze in spots), so decided an afternoon ride was my best option. Of course rain began to fall steadily by 8 a.m. -- thus canceling my ride plans again.

Sunday's weather was better -- mild and partly sunny with strong winds off the coast. I managed a quick 10 mile loop of Marblehead Neck with fellow Spider Julie Haynes. The strong headwinds gave me my third best time on the causeway without any effort -- but the headwind coming back to the mainland pummeled me. Totally beat me to a pulp. I staggered home, feeling totally wiped out after a measly 10 miles. (I heard it was calmer inland.)

The New Year is not starting well. It's Day 7 of Whole 30 and I just want to eat. Anything. My motivation is lacking. (No surprise there. I've been struggling lately.) The January blues are hitting hard and I'm trying to fight back. (Sigh.) A new week starts today.