Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wintery Weekend

Photo by Alison Egan
It's been a while since we've had a frostbite ride, as rain (and then snow) pushed my rides indoors again this weekend. Is it really only the middle of January? Winter sure is dragging, and it feels like it should be March.

On Saturday morning, I joined Lila for some P2 homework, (with coach Shayne getting in his own ride on the computrainer, and chiming in every now and then behind us. "C'mon ladies, pick up that pace.") I have to admit that I didn't put much effort into the homework during my first session of P2. It fell right after my EOD Ride, and I just needed a break after the long season. (I've had my break now -- and it's time to get back in action!) Lila and I had a great session and both agreed that we got more out of the workout doing it together -- so I think we'll make it a regular Saturday morning gig.

Sunday was another wet, snowy, crusty day. I passed a few runners as I headed to the Y for Nancy's spin class this morning. (Dedicated runners!) The snow was light, but the roads were slick and crunchy with ice -- and I was content to just head to the gym.

This gorgeous photo of the snow was taken by spider Alison E. in the Blue Hills today. So pretty! This is a trail I wouldn't mind riding on. (Great photo, Alison!)