Friday, January 24, 2014

Perfect Warm-up on a Cold Day

Post-workout Hot Apples+Cinnamon
and a paleo apricot bar. Mmmm...

I love Skratch Lab's electrolyte drinks, and today's double session at the gym called for Hot Apples + Cinnamon. Now I want to go out in the 5 degree weather and ride another 30 miles, just so I can drink more. Yum.

Skratch is not paleo, (given that sugar is the main ingredient), but all of the ingredients are natural. The real thing. Probably as close to paleo as I'm gonna get in an electrolyte drink. (And I admit it's tastier than my home brew.)

I also think Skratch Lab's great hydration mixes could break Will's quixotic need for brightly colored sports drinks after his workouts. (No doubt he thinks his swim workouts are Ryan Lochte-level... but they aren't... and Gatorade is chemical garbage.) Skratch's new Daily Electrolyte Mix sounds more in line with what he needs, and tastes great.

(BTW, Will, you insisted I write about you in my blog... so there you go. Hahaha. Ditch the Gatorade and give Skratch a chance!)