Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Patchwork of Miles

Photo booth
fun on Chip's
Despite the time crunch, I've managed to get in 120 miles over the last three days. On Thursday, Will mentioned he needed to be at the field house at 7:30 a.m. for practice -- and since it was his turn to tidy the locker room at the end, he didn't need me to pick him up until 11:30. SCORE! That was the four hour block of time I needed!

I headed up the coast towards Gloucester -- one of my favorite routes on the North Shore. The roads are a little rough there -- but the air is so crisp and the folks are so nice, it's a great ride. (I avoid the potholes as best I can.) It's a hardscrabble town... no one smiles, and no one says hello, (except the Coast Guard)... but drivers stop to let you pass before they take a right turn. They wait for you to crest the hill before they pull out into the road. And they slow down behind you as you cross the steel grate drawbridge. They're just so nice. (Unlike other towns that seem to detest cyclists sharing the road.) I love Gloucester.

I had a terrific ride -- a little slow at times as I came into more congested areas, (especially through Salem), but I managed to make it home in exactly four hours, logging in 60 miles. Perfect.

On Friday, I looped a local route for 20 miles and today had a slow Cyclopath ride to breakfast in Boxford for another 40. I'm tempted to get out for a long ride tomorrow... but might save my muscles for Monday night's SpiderOne ride. It would be nice to crush it on a Monday for once, instead of riding in recovery mode (as I usually do).

(Chip's birthday today, number 12! An afternoon of arcade games and popcorn bars at the Willows with the big boys. Happy Birthday, Chipper!!)