Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We really need 36 hours in a day

I'm looking at everyone's schedules, trying to juggle my rides and workouts with everyone else's commitments and it's just chaos. I really don't know how we get it all done sometimes.

Not helping matters is being the taxi driver to the boy's various sports practices, which right now are spread out all over the clock. The fields are just a tad too far for them to walk down with full pads and gear. (I get it.... really... although it amazes me that they'll walk down to Cindy's sub shop with friends for a pizza... just a block away from the field house.) But, whatever.

I looked at my workout plan for this week and see a 70 mile ride on tap for Friday. Will has two-a-days beginning tomorrow and Friday, with practice from 8-11:30 in the morning, and 2:30-6:30 in the afternoon. (Chip has practice from 5-7:15.) What a headache. Where do I squeeze in 70 miles? Just crazy.