Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hot temps and high humidity. Nothing new for July.
Well, we have a steamy week ahead, with temperatures in the 90's and oppressive humidity. Looks like I'll have to rise and shine on the early side this week to get my rides in and beat the heat.

Will is definitely not onboard with waking early. This year, he's taken control of his own Pan Mass Challenge training, and has been relying on swimming, rugby and football conditioning camp to get in shape for the ride. Ha, ha... (I believe it takes more than strength training to ride well, but he has his own ideas.) He's spent less time on the bike this year, but more time in the gym, and has been bragging about his run times at football camp -- like a 50 yard dash is the same as a 50 mile ride. Uh huh. I love his confidence, but with three weeks to go before PMC weekend, I know I'm finishing stronger (and first) this year. No mercy.