Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garmin 510 is not my Friend

So it's no secret that I've been a little... challenged... with my Garmin 510. Ugga bugga, it makes me nuts! (I've had it for a month. Shayne uses the Garmin to assess my workouts -- checking cadence, speed, heart rate, power, etc... It aids his coaching.) Several times, I've started a ride without starting the Garmin. Several times, the HR monitor read my average heart beat at 38. I've flatlined a few times, too. After one SpiderOne workout, I forgot to turn it off before the drive home, and the GPS declared my Highlander the Queen of the Mountain of Lafayette Hill.

Last night, it froze somewhere near the Marblehead Lighthouse after my first loop of the neck. I happened to glance at it on my first go-around, and noted the elevation seemed low, but kept going. On my second loop, I glanced at the elevation again and noticed it hadn't changed. Argh!!! (Stop and reset.)

It's not the only tech issues I had yesterday. Crossing the causeway, my phone fell from my bike and smashed into pieces on the road. I was able to retrieve everything before a car ran over anything, (It's still working), but unfortunately today it's telling me to "insert the SD card", so I must have missed it on the road. Sigh. Technology wears me out.