Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slogging through the Heat

It's been a hot week! I've been getting my workouts done in the evenings rather than the mornings this week -- riding with SpiderOne Racing on Monday, and a one-hour interval workout last night (Wednesday). Both workouts were tough, but a light breeze off the water made it manageable.

Monday's workout went okay... I was hoping for a recovery ride after my 100 mile weekend, (including the 60 miles on Sunday), but was challenged a bit by Brandi. I gave it everything I had left in me... which wasn't much... but I still pulled out 27 miles and increased my cadence and speed. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, as the other riders were ahead of me throughout the night and dropped me without even saying goodbye.

Last night's interval workout went well despite the tech issues I had with the Garmin. As temps hit the 90s again today, I'll stay close to home near the water and get another evening workout done. It's been a good routine so far. I think the heatwave breaks next week.