Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love This Week

I treasure weeks like the one we just had -- with sweet, sweet sunshine and warm temps. If the rest of our Spring continues like this, we will be so lucky.

With an over-scheduled weekend, I took advantage of my new free time on Friday, (no classes!), to head out for a long ride. I ventured north to Gloucester and Magnolia for a 42 mile loop, stopping at Essen on the way home to sit outside with a steamed whole milk cappucino. (My occasional non-paleo treat.) With Will's rugby match in Canton swallowing up most of our Saturday -- and Chip's lacrosse game on Sunday -- it felt really good to be able to give myself that time on Friday for a long ride -- and not feel the pressure to try and squeeze it in somewhere on the weekend.

What I did squeeze in early today was a quick bike maintenance session at B&S Fitness. The boys knew I wouldn't be able to attend Shayne's clinic in Salem -- and hit the road in time for rugby --- unless they came with me. So, they woke early and waited in the car while I was occupied -- with the radio blasting and a bag of Dunkin Donuts to keep them company. Shayne showed a small group of us how to change a flat tire, which my Cyclopath teammates would laugh to see, as I've been promising to learn this for a long time. (It's even mentioned on my Cyclopath profile! Ha, ha!)

(I actually know the basics of changing a flat tire... I've just never actually had to do it!)

A busy weekend... and it's not yet over.