Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SpiderOne, Fit Werx, and Tabatas

My video analysis at Fitwerx2
The last few days have been busy! On Monday night, I skipped Christine's conditioning class to join Shayne and SpiderOne Racing for a few loops around Marblehead Neck. It was a terrific night for a ride and despite my weak state, (seriously, jelly-for-muscles), I still managed to keep up. (Unfortunately, I now face the wrath of Christine for skipping her class -- and brutal tabatas on Thursday when she subs for Keli.) Was it worth it? Hell Ya. I had a fun time with the spiders.

Today, I took advantage of my rest day from the bike and had a 3 hour bike fitting at Fit Werx 2 in Peabody. I learned a lot about my riding position and the changes I need to make to improve my ride -- (soften those arms!) -- and I now know why I experience pain in my shoulders and neck. (Thanks, Fit Werx!!) I've picked out a sexy new bike that fit the specifications that Geoff/Fit Werx prescribed and I'm quite excited about it. (Of course, I'll have to survive Christine's tabata class on Thursday if I ever hope to ride that new bike.)