Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last Call on Ragged Mountain

Final day of snowboarding for me... it's time to switch gears and get my bike back on the road! The boys and I headed up to Ragged Mountain for one last blast on their home mountain. They were good sports and skied/boarded with me for most of the morning -- but then ditched me to head off for more challenging terrain. (They are good skiers -- whereas I'm still a novice snowboarder.) We had a lot of fun together, and they enjoyed showing off their winter turf! They even bought me a coffee as we headed home. Nice.

I'm finishing off a week of spin and circuit training this week, logging in almost 80 miles on the indoor trainer. Mike has teased me that the long-range forecast calls for 50 degrees next weekend. (He forgets this is New England... you can't predict the weather!) It's been over a month since our last frostbite ride. I'm now ready for winter to end.