Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowboarding at Nashoba Valley

More snow/rain is expected tonight! Wow. We're really having a winter this year! Today I had my last snowboarding lesson at Nashoba Valley with my instructor, Joe, and I was a little sad to see my Tuesday morning routine come to an end! (Sniff, sniff.) I had a great day on the slopes today, despite a tragic second run. I don't know what was going on with me! The sign of a good instructor, though, is to get inside his student's head, and that's exactly what Joe did on the chairlift back to the top. He really snapped me out of whatever doubts I was having on that second run, and I had a great day after that. Thanks, Joe! Best instructor ever.

I have a mix of spin and muscle conditioning classes lined up for the rest of the week. (Double Keli, since she teaches both.) Not sure when I'll be able to get out on the road. After getting a late start, winter just keeps rolling along.  (Lego Mini Figure given to me from one of my students! So sweet!)