Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Spin -- No Outdoor Ride Today

Today I had a small blast from the past when former Fusion Fitness owner, Annalisa diPalma, substituted for Keli's spin class. Annalisa was the first spin instructor I ever had, back in 2006. (Spinning, April 1st Training Ride, April 2006.) The Marblehead Y didn't offer spin classes back then, and the Sterling Y was a hike. (Though at the time, I made weekly trips to Sterling for Chip's swim lessons. He was convinced there was a shark living in the deep end of the Marblehead pool.) I went to Fusion Fitness for a little while but never got into a routine. It was fun to see Annalisa today, teaching our class at the Y. How quickly time flies!

Another storm is brewing -- More snow/rain tomorrow.