Monday, May 14, 2012

Boxford and the Lost Route

After a gray week of rain, we were rewarded with a gorgeous day for our Saturday breakfast ride. Heading out from Swampscott, I figured we were headed to Manchester for breakfast (approx. 22 miles RT), but soon learned our destination was Boxford instead! (Oops.) Will discovered Ethan is a better coach than I am, and stuck to him like glue from Beverly to Topsfield. We looped down into the back roads of Boxford and had a great breakfast at Wayne's. (Will went for the double stack of blueberry pancakes, a side of bacon and a hot chocolate. A true Cyclopath.) After breakfast, we headed for home, where Will enjoyed beating me up the hill on Rt. 97. (He didn't rub it in, though, right? Ha!) As we arrived home, our mileage ticked off at 36.45. Definitely ready for next week's Tour de Cure!