Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beverly Airport Chip Ride

With Mike in Long Island playing golf with Andy last weekend, and Will spending Friday night at a friend's, Chip decided to join me on Saturday morning for his 2nd Cyclopath ride, making him an official rider and the youngest Cyclopath since Alana O'Grady. Way to go, Chip! It was a short ride, from the firehouse on Rt 97 in Beverly to the Airport, but he had fun. He's too anxious to grow up, but pleased to be riding a few short routes with the group.

I missed heading out for a longer ride, but hope to get in a quick 20 miles next weekend. Will still hasn't spent much time in the saddle and I had to speak to him about his commitment to training. If it comes down to it, I will be waking him at 6 am next week to get in some early morning rides. He just can't seem to make the time in the afternoons. With just 4 weeks until the Tour de Cure, he's running out of time!