Friday, October 28, 2022

Ride 3 of Coffeeneuring 2022: New discoveries

Chiat latte and avocado toast at Mookie's
We are now beyond peak foliage here along the coast and the leaves are dropping rapidly. It won't be long before we start to see snow -- unless the drought in New England continues through the winter. The temps were a bit crisp today for Coffeeneuring ride 3. I rode out across the causeway and around Marblehead neck before heading downtown to the historic district. 

My destination was a small cafe, (I can't recall the name), where The Seagull Gift Shop used to be, but it was no longer there. I continued up Washington Street and stopped into Marblehead Mercantile  to say hello to Pete and Kathy, and then moved on to Mookie's on Mugford Cafe where Foodie's used to be. Good gosh, so many changes downtown... old favorites are gone and new stores have moved in, but a few  stalwarts remain -- Tory's, Haley's, and Arnould Gallery.


I'd never been to Mookie's and was happy I stopped in. Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere had a quaint and cozy vibe. I ordered a chai tea latte and multigrain avocado toast and sat on a comfortable padded bench, somewhat hidden behind the raised counter. While waiting for my latte to be served, I heard a very familiar voice on the other side of the counter ordering the lemon orzo soup -- it was Gene Arnould! (I worked for Gene at the gallery ages ago.) It still feels very small town in this neck of the woods.

Happy with my coffeenneuring discovery of Mookie's, (I will be back!), I left Washington Street and continued up Pleasant where architect Tom Saltsman was building his latest Halloween installation -- something that has become a much anticipated event in town. This year he has built the Egyptian cobra goddess Meretseger in his driveway. It's quite spectacular, and just in time for Halloween weekend!

I love the fall.
Tom Saltsman's Egyptian Cobra Goddess
Happy Halloween!